Fish farming is an environmentally friendly way of producing food. Fish farming has achieved the environmental goals set for the industry many years ago. The farming sites are located far from the coast in the Bothnian Bay.

Finland supports fish farming

In Finland it is a governmental goal to increase the segment of domestic fish on the market, as it is the most effective way to produce animal protein as measured by climate effects and feed efficiency. Promotion of fish farming is one of the strategies for climate work in Finland. WWF has evaluated that the rainbow trout grown in Finland is a good choice for seafood.

Nutrient load under control

The feed we use is based on Baltic herring and Baltic sprat as the source for fish meal and oil used in the feed. Due to development of the feeds and feeding systems the environmental load caused by fish farming has decreased by 70% in the last 20 years.


We work in a company culture of appreciation and inspiration. These values are also shown in the pay and benefits we offer.

We care for the wellbeing of our employees, fish, and the environment.

vastuullisuus pieniƤ kaloja veden alla

The fish

The wellbeing of our fish is of utmost importance to us. In the sea the fish live close to natural conditions, with plenty of space and fresh water due to continuous currents. The quality of the fish feed is being strictly monitored and therefore there are minimal contaminants in the fish. The health of the fish is also constantly being monitored.