Whole fish

Availability: August – December (year-round starting 2026)
Size 1-1,8 kg

Fillet-sized whole fish

Availability: August – December (year-round starting 2026)
Size: 1,8-3 kg

Frozen fillets

Availability: Year-round.

Safe and fresh, produced sustainably

Fish is best served as fresh. We at Laitakarin Kala harvest the fish directly from the sea to our near-by processing and to customers, to keep it fresh and temperature-controlled through the process.
We grow our fish in the clean, fresh waters of the Bothnian Bay. Our feed is based on fish meal sourced from the Baltic Sea. There is minimal risk of contamination and the origin of the feed is always traceable.

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Rainbow trout

Farmed rainbow trout is a healthy, delicious, and responsible choice for food. It is the most popular farmed fish in Finland. Rainbow trout grown in Finland is listed on the WWF Sea food guide as a recommended, sustainable food choice. It originates from the North-America and does not cross-breed with Finnish natural salmonid species, nor does it spread diseases into the wild.