Rainbow trout grown in Finland is listed on the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Fish guide as a good choice for seafood based on the environmental effects, welfare and health of the fish.

Guaranteed to be fresh.

The fish is harvested from the cool, clean waters of the Bothnian Bay. The fish is harvested and processed for the customers under controlled temperature conditions.

Guaranteed quality

Our fingerlings are produced by our trusted partners. This gives the fish traceability all the way back to the roe and is essential to ensuring the quality of the fish.

Fish grown in the Bothnian Bay

The rainbow trout of Laitakarin Kala grows in the clear, cool waters of the Bothnian Bay, in the waterfronts of the towns of Ii and Haukipudas.


The nutritional recommendation for eating fish is two servings per week. Rainbow trout is an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, and healthy fats.


The health and wellbeing of the fish is constantly being monitored during their growth and the processing phase. The quality of the feed ensures that no contaminants are present in the fish.


We deliver the fish to the customers on the same day of the harvest.



Join us! Aquaculture offers careers ranging from off-shore work to processing and management positions. Our work revolves around the ever-changing, beautiful scenes of the Bothnian Bay. These jobs have a fresh air guarantee! All our positions require a good sense of responsibility for animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

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Fish grown in Finland is an environmentally sustainable food choice.